Our softplay is portable and shower resistant so can be used outdoors on dry days, it promotes physical play, balance and fitness, co-operative play, communication, confidence and fun which means energetic play with safe soft landings suitable for children of all abilities. Made with practical, wipe clean, latex and phthalate free, urine resistant, waterproof materials, select from a wide range of communication friendly printed themes as well as black and white, and multi-coloured, all sewn with non-split seams and filled with specially selected grades of protective foams. VERSATILE & NON-SLIP: Each soft play piece securely fastens (prevents slipping) to the next with hook and loop fastener which means each softplay centre can be safely configured to suit different spaces and different goals.

Sizing Guide:
Select our “400” Toddler range for babies and children up to 2 years.
Select “600” for children 2 years and up to 5.

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