Soft Play for Pre-Schoolers Ballpools Soft Sided Dens by Lifetime Education

Soft play and safe play dens, ballpools for pre-schoolers
Spaces4Kids Dens can be used without balls and with balls to make a ballpool. The sets are designed to be taken apart so that they can be easily EXTENDED, moved or stored. The sides join with velcro tabs and the base liners join to the sides underneath with additional extra wide strips of velcro provided with each set. VELCRO JOINING STRIPS WHERE PROVIDED MUST ALWAYS BE USED TO ENSURE THE INTEGRITY OF THE SET. Padded bases are available for all the sets at extra cost. Please contact us or your retailer for additional parts to extend your den/pool or extra padding for the base.

Inspect your Den/Ballpool BEFORE and AFTER play, clean soiled parts and balls, remove any damaged balls, foreign objects.

Spaces4Kids Dens/Ballpools are made in a variety of sizes to suit different age groups from babies upwards

Ballpool Play: Ballpools used robustly and frequently will mean more frequent ball top ups. Inspect your ball-pool for foreign objects before and after each session and wash the balls (in a net or in a bath) and pick out the damaged ones. TIP: because there is air trapped inside the balls you will have a greater number of “flatter” balls in cold weather (the air inside them contracts in the cold and expands in the warm). So when it’s cold weather don’t throw all the dented ones away because if they are not damaged they will likely re-inflate when warmed up to room temperature… just discard the really damaged and split ones.

PLAY TIP: Depending on the age group you can add interest to ball-pools by introducing other soft items to the pool, for example balloons, sponge balls, textured balls, sound balls, having single or several different colour/shape/texture/type soft balls in the mix can help introduce hide and seek, colour matching, counting and sorting games into play… it doesn’t just have to be a rough and tumble!

3 different sizes: Size 3; 7 years upwards. Size 2; 5-9 years. Size 1; 1-5 years (two sets of Size 1 set can converted into a PORTABLE BALLPOOL (Product Code T1400) by adding our BALLPOOL LINER (Product code T1404 – see website for details). One “Chain of 3” Triangular prisms plus one “Chain of 4” are in each DuB-Lup Set. The connected triangular prisms can be folded and interconnected in lots of different ways to make different things to make for stimulating, co-operative play, to develop construction skills and imaginative play.

To assemble a ball-pool: arrange the liner flat on the floor with petals facing outwards. The petals on the base have upward facing velcro. Take a “Chain of 3” and place them on the base petals by matching the corresponding velcro on the side of the triangles with the velcro on the base petal, “one triangle one petal”. Now take a “Chain of 4” and repeat. Continue with the second chain. Once each triangle is in place, ensuring that the “zip-top” is unzipped, fold the “zip-top” fabric out and down between the side liner and the flat back of the triangles. Now take the top petals (velcro facing down) and go around the pool pulling and fixing one petal to one triangle. Review and straighten any petals that are not sitting correctly. Once complete add balls (up to 1000 qty x 75mm diameter). To disassemble: peel up and disconnect the top petals one by one. Pull up the fabric “zip-top” and close the zip over the balls. YOUR LINER HAS NOW BECOME YOUR BALLPOOL BALL STORAGE BAG.

HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNINGS: ENSURE SUFFICICIENT SAFETY MATTING FOR YOUR ACTIVITIES. LOCATE EQUIPMENT AWAY FROM TRIP/FALLING HAZARDS AND SHARP OBJECTS E.G. FURNITURE DOORS, RADIATORS, CORNERS OF WALLS, WINDOWS, STAIRS/STEPS, PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC, MACHINERY (CLEANING/FIRE ETC). INSPECT EQUIPMENT REGULARLY & ENSURE IT IS IN GOOD CONDITION, HYGENIC & NOT SUFFERING FROM EXCESSIVE WEAR, (E.G. SPLITS OR WORN OUT ZIPS). REPLACE WORN OUT PARTS IMMEDIATELY. EXPECT SOME EXTRA WEAR AT CORNERS THIS IS NORMAL. ALWAYS SUPERVISE PLAY. SUITABLE FOR (TEMPORARY) OUTDOOR USE in safe locations, on safe, non abrasive surfaces (e.g. grass). Soft play will become very SLIPPERY WHEN WET and should never be left out in the rain or stored outdoors. The product is outdoor/shower resistant but is not fully weather proof. CARE AND CLEANING: Wipe clean with non-abrasive household polishes or cleaners or dilute bleach solutions. All surfaces must be completely dried before use. Do not use abrasive creams. Creases caused by packaging for transit found in the fabric on delivery should drop out naturally in a short time. Creasing will not normally affect the performance of your product.

EN71 TOY SAFETY: LATEX FREE, PHTHALATE FREE: FORMAMIDE FREE: FOMALDAHYDE FREE: Sewn seams are not 100% waterproof but are shower resistant for use temporary use outdoors; carefully positioned with a strong nylon thread they are not vulnerable to splits . Fabrics: own brand, UK made, non toxic waterproof “eco-Play” coated fabrics with life-long “anti-bacterial” protection that fights fungus and bacterial growth. All made with our own brand “eco-Play fabrics, UK made, non toxic, waterproof with life-long “anti-bacterial” protection that fights fungus and bacterial growth. Comply with EN71 and BS7176 Contract Furniture (Low Hazard) Cigarette and Match. Fillings/foams UK made, CFC free, fire retardant to Parts 1 and 2 BS5852 Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) crib 5.

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