Soft Play For Education – A Guide By spaces4kidscouk


SPLIT RESISTANT DESIGN: EN71 TOY SAFETY: PHTHALATE FREE: FORMAMIDE FREE: FOMALDAHYDE FREE: All coated fabrics comply with EN71 and BS7176 Contract Furniture (Low Hazard) Cigarette and Match. Fillings/foams are UK made, CFC free and are fire retardant to Parts 1 and 2 BS5852 Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) crib 5. Sewn seams are not 100% waterproof but are shower resistant for use temporary use outdoors; carefully positioned with a strong nylon thread they are not vulnerable to splits as welded seams are which means a longer useful life. Hammer tough safety mirror sewn into products is tested compliant to EN71. Fabrics: own brand, UK made, non toxic waterproof “eco-Play” coated fabrics both PVC and non-PVC grade have life-long “anti-bacterial” protection that fights fungus and bacterial growth. The surface of our non-PVC “eco-Play” used in our baby products, helps prevent colonisation by dust mites, is also breathable & “non-sweat”, it is our most skin friendly fabric.

CARE AND CLEANING: ALL MIRRORS, SOFT PLAY AND PADS: Wipe clean with non-abrasive household polishes or cleaners or dilute bleach solutions. All surfaces must be completely dried before use. Do not use abrasive creams or ammonia based cleaners (these will seriously damage mirrors). Creases caused by packaging for transit found in the fabric on delivery should drop out naturally in a short time. Creases in Mats/Pads:- shake the pad so that the foam inside the cover flattens and migrates to the corners, if creases persist (over three weeks) add a weight to flatten them, never apply a heat source such as a hair dryer, iron, or electric fire. Creasing will not normally affect the performance of your product.

INSPECT EQUIPMENT BEFORE & AFTER PLAY to ensure it is in good condition, hygienic and is not suffering from excessive wear. It is quite normal to see extra wear on the corners of products. Any mirrors or components that are showing damage should be replaced immediately. Replacements are available through your supplier or direct from Spaces4Kids. FLEXIBLE MIRRORS: our plastic mirrors are flexible and shatter and impact resistant (e.g. if dropped on their edge) which make s them safer than thicker acrylic plastic mirrors that can be brittle and can break into sharp pieces. It is great fun to flex/bend mirrors to see the distorted reflections but you should only use our mirrors flat. They should not be bent or folded double and/or crushed because ‘over bending’ can crease and permanently damage the mirror. SCRATCHES: Children are robust in play, our plastic mirrors have a good optical quality but will scratch in use. You will have to replace plastic mirrors that are subjected to constant heavy use.

SUITABLE FOR (TEMPORARY) OUTDOOR USE: Your equipment is suitable for temporary use outdoors in safe locations out of direct sunlight on safe non abrasive surfaces (e.g. grass). Soft play will become very SLIPPERY WHEN WET and should never be left out in the rain or stored outdoors. The product is outdoor/shower resistant but is not fully weather proof. Always dry before use.

SELECTING A SAFE USE AND LOCATION, PERFORM A RISK ASSESSMENT WITH A SUITABLY QUALIFIED PERSON. LOCATE PLAY EQUIPMENT WHERE CHILDREN WILL NOT BE AT RISK FROM TRIP HAZARDS, ROUGH/SHARP OBJECTS OR HAZARDOUS FALLS E.G. DOORS, RADIATORS, CORNERS OF WALLS, WINDOWS, STAIRS/STEPS, PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC, MACHINERY, CLEANING/OFFICE/FIRE EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE AND NOTE THE HAZARDS POSED BY REFLECTED SUNLIGHT. Strong light reflected on polished/mirrored surfaces can dazzle and damage eyes, in certain circumstances can also be an ignition source, burning skin or combustible materials, for this reason, among others, we limit our recommendations on the use of mirrors outdoors and advise that indoors the location of the equipment bears this in mind too. Mat/Pads (for Babies & Toddlers under 2 years):- are general-purpose activity play pads that offer comfort and protection for floor play activities of young children and babies, they are not for sports or gymnastics or to be used as crash mats, which require specialist foam grades to cope with extra impact.