Ballpools, Dens and Soft Play Equipment for Pre Schoolers and Children Up to 5yrs

Spaces4Kids softplay equipment includes ballpools and dens that are portable and storable. Foam sides, covered with anti-bacterial, wipe clean waterproof vinyl, sewn with non split seams ensure safe, hygienic play. Spaces4kids ballpools can be extended to make larger sizes, use them without balls or filled with scatter cushions to make dens and rest nests.

BALLPOOL PLAY TIP: Depending on the age group you are working with you can add interest to Spaces4kids softplay ballpools and dens by introducing other soft safe play things into the pool, for example balloons, sponge balls, textured balls, sound balls, having single or several different colour/shape/texture/type soft balls in the mix can help introduce hide and seek, colour matching, counting and sorting games into play… or you can fill them with scatter cushions to make a nest. It doesn’t just have to be a rough and tumble!

Getting the most from your Spaces4kids softplay ballpool balls: Ballpools used robustly and frequently will mean more frequent ball top ups. Inspect your ball-pool for foreign objects before and after each session and wash the balls (in a net or in a bath) and pick out the damaged ones. TIP:because there is air trapped inside the balls you will have a greater number of “flatter” balls in cold weather (the air inside them contracts in the cold and expands in the warm). So when it’s cold weather don’t throw all the dented ones away because if they are not damaged they will likely re-inflate when warmed up to room temperature… just discard the really damaged and split ones.

A special note on Spaces4kids original DuB-Lup softplay portable ballpool and softplay sets: We really recommend our original DuB-Lup soft play to you, a uniquely versatile softplay concept that addresses many elements of the curriculum. DuB-Lup is a softplay just made up of connected triangular pieces. One chain of 3 triangular prisms plus one chain of 4 makes each DuB-Lup, the connected prisms can be folded and interconnected in so many different ways it is difficult not to have fun. They can stimulate co-operative play, develop construction skills as well as imaginative play. Spaces4kids (original) DuB-Lup soft play available in 3 different sizes: Size 3; 7 years upwards. Size 2; 5-9 years. Size 1; 1-5 years, the smallest set being especially versatile because two sets convert into a portable ballpool (code: T1400) by adding our BALLPOOL LINER (code: T1404 ).