Communication friendly colours for soft play equipment, classroom matting and sensory equipment – our quality assurance guarantee

Quality Assurance – You are working with children and we understand that you never compromise on quality, neither do we. You need to know that the products you purchase are up to the job, are value for money and comply with toy safety and other safety standards as well as the EU regulations on phthalates and other chemical contents. We make and design all our own products and all production takes place in our own small factory here in the UK.

For more than 21 years, teachers, therapists and other professionals across the UK and Ireland and Europe have been purchasing Lifetime Education products either direct from ourselves or via the leading UK education equipment wholesalers; our products can be found in many leading insitutions including places like the Great Ormond Street Hosptial. It means that you can have the peace of mind to know that Lifetime Education products are proven in use, that when you purchase one, you know that it is made as it should be and is backed by a first class after sales service, our “Lifetime Education designer and manufacturer’s quality assurance quarantee”.

1. Our classroom divider screens: a 10 year guarantee free replacement on all the replacable plastic parts.

2. All our other production a no quibble 12 months guarantee on parts and labour.

3. Free where possible repairs. If you return one of our products to us, any age, if it can sensibly be repaired, we’ll do it.

4. Free adaptations (as far as possible) to any standard product to make it suitable for the special needs of a particular child.

5. Our products are bulky and made to order- we offer a full refund/remake/repair on our standard items. This means if you are not satisfied or want to change your mind, we’ll refund the cost of the order excluding the transport charges (both ways) which we refer to as our our re-stocking fee (see terms and conditions). Custom built products have a 12 months guarantee but are not returnable.

How to tell an original spaces4kids product from Lifetime Education Ltd? Spaces4Kids is a trading name of Lifetime Education Ltd. the original designers and manufacturer of: Playring, Spaces2Sit, Spaces4Play, Spaces4Kids, Playsofty products. Your product is a genuine Lifetime Education Ltd. original, if it has a “Life-Ed” label. If it does not, it will not be made with “Eco-Play”, our unique, ultra non-toxic, anti-bacterial, phthalate free coated fabrics. We have long been copied but never bettered!

  • The Playring. “What Toy” Gold Award Winner
  • Dub-Lup Portable Ballpool. What Toy: “Highly Recommended”

EU directive bans certain softeners in plastic PVC products – our waterproof PVC fabrics comply and they’re latex free too – we also use polyester materials which are more environmentally friendly: PVC fabric is widely used in the manufacture of soft play because of its durability and the ease with which it can be wiped clean. An EU directive of January 2007 restricted the use of phthalates, (softeners that are used to make PVC pliable), in childcare products. The EU directive is especially concerned with MOUTHABLE PRODUCTS AND REST MATS. Some soft play producers judge their products not “mouthable” because they are of a large size and children use them for short periods in energetic play. We make activity centres in which young children and babies may spend some time, we realise that developing babies and toddlers ‘mouth’ everything as they learn about the world around them, and will chew/or ‘mouth’ the edges of our soft play products, rest mats and activity centres, so we use the best, phthalate free, non toxic fabrics, and even include them in our larger soft play items. (For more information on the EU directive please contact us.)

Hygiene and safety: Spaces4kids Eco-Play coated PVC fabrics are waterproof, wipe clean and anti-bacterial, and are only available from spaces4kids – no other manufacturer can use them. Anti-bacterial means it actually resists bacterial and fungal growth for life… a special sanitising treatment is added during production and all the extra in the fabric is not at the expense of durability.

Foam and fillings: The fillings for our play equipment are finest quality CFC free, fire retardant (to crib 5) polyurethane foams. FR beans and FR fibres are used in some products.

If you have any further questions about our product range we’re happy to answer your questions, please call 01777 869044 or email
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