Recommendations if you are hiring out soft play from Lifetime Education

Recommendations – Soft play is ideal for indoor winter parties and church hall “do’s” or events that suddenly have to be held inside due to bad weather, but you can also use soft play outdoors on the grass in the summer. Not all soft play is suitable for hire, you will need robust products that can be easily stored, moved and maintained. Here are a few tips on how to get the best from our particular range.


A) Our products are suitable for children up to the age of 5… essentially pre-schoolers. We have two size modules, a 400mm module for babies and children up to 2 years old and a 600mm module for children up to 5 years. The age appropriateness of soft play is not an exact science… sometimes it is “stage” not “age”! The truth is that soft play is soft and can give confidence to nervous children… others can be over confident… parental or qualified supervision and a set of rules will always be needed.

B) Children love soft play, children with special needs love soft play. Soft Play can be incorporated into play for all children including those that need a bit of help, e.g. encouraged to exercise to improve muscle tone (e.g. Downs), it can be equally suitable for less mobile children, children with dyspraxia and children on the autistic spectrum that maybe more likely to hurt themselves on “hard” play equipment…. ballpools come into their own here.

C) Our products are modular and many link securely one to another by hook and loop fastener which is sewn onto the base of the pieces. This means that you can set up tracks and trails and incorporate your other play equipment such as balls, hoops etc.

D) Maintenance and replacements. The modular nature of our soft play ranges means that you can replace just the parts that are worn out. No soft play is suitable for use on abrasive surfaces… grass outside is OK but concrete etc will ruin soft play, as will scratching it on brick walls. Soft play with mirrors may not stand the rigours of unsupervised play… please get the advice you need before purchasing – refunds may not be possible. Soft play should not be left out or stored in the rain, the seams are not full water resistant. Soft play will become very slippery and unsuitable for use in wet/damp conditions.

E) Ballpools… are great fun and a must for all hirers. Large enough for fun, but compact enough to use in a domestic house and carried in an average hatchback car, our ballpools are truly portable. Made from quality vinyls, the liners double up as ball storage bags to enable easy transportation. You might like to consider buying a spare liner so that you have one in use and one in “cleaning”. Our fabrics are anti-bacterial but you will need to wipe clean your soft play with appropriate non-abrasive anti-bacterial cleaners.

Here’s a list of some suggested items: please print this list and use the search facility (“enter keywords” – top of screen) to look at the items.

1) General items all ages:

Z4208/HDLG Role Play Screens, lightweight plastic screens will help give a focus to your play area either as square dens or to divide a large hall into a more compact area. They can also be used to surround a ballpool to prevent the balls from escaping everywhere. Higher screens that enable “see thru” supervision are the best ones to use with toddlers. Indoor only – not supplied with tethers to prevent tipping in thhe wind. Feet not suitable outdoors. Our Z4211/HDLG Sensory Hut will be of interest to groups who want a focus on sensory materials.

H5034 Extendable Mat: A 40mm thick mat will add safety to most settings. This mat is extendable (hook and loop fastener on base) so that you can make a larger area. The 1200mm size fits with both our 400mm module and our 600mm module soft play.

T1400 DuB-Lup Portable Ballpool and T1404 Extra Ballpool liner: This really is an easily portable ballpool, the liner doubles up as a ball storage bag, the sides can be used independently as soft play. T1404 spare liner to have one “ready to go” and one “in cleaning”.

2) For the under 2’s and babies:

F1001, F1100, F1300 Soft Sided Dens in different sizes

T1490 Toddler Ballpool/Soft Sided Den:

T1209 Wipe clean Toddler cubes:

N1300 Caterpillar Bumps: ( the mirrors remove so that you can replace them if they become damaged or remove them for more “robust” play.) Note items with mirrors are best suited for less robust play with the very youngest.

T1457 Castle Den: a great soft den for babies to explore, it is not designed as a play pen as the sides are low enough for crawlers to enter and exit…

P1030 Mirror Trail: 400mm module soft play in different height blocks that can be made into a trail. Fit to our Z5034 Mat. Note items with mirrors are best suited for less robust play with the very youngest.

P1034 Pocket Trail: same size module as above… will connect to the Mirror Trail and the Z5034 Mat.

N1041 Mirror Pod: 400mm soft play module shapes with 40mm thick 400mm square pads, to make squares and explorer trails for babies and crawlers.

P1007 Playring MK2 and P1003 Playring Extensions: For the very youngest. Also made in our 400mm module these can be expanded with the Pods and Trails above.

T3001 Sit Ons. Huggble, non rocking, play shapes with bright colours sized for toddlers.

P2002 Giant Playring Oval: this is the bridge between our 400mm module and our 600mm module. The Giant Playring might be the one to go for if you offer a service to include children with special needs… our 600mm Tunnels (below) and other 600mm module items below can be incorporated into the Giant Playring wich is made in quarter sections so that it can be expanded on all sides.

3) For all ages up to approx 5 yrs

P1213: 12 Piece Block Set. Supplied with a storage bag, our set of soft shapes includes some with graphics on to encourage construction and role play.

H5034 Extendable Mat: A 40mm thick mat will add safety to most settings. This mat is extendable (hook and loop fastener on base) so that you can make a larger area. The 1200mm size fits with our 600mm module soft play sets below.

T5020 + T5021 Roo’s Roundabout & Toby’s Tumble Time: Kids like tunnels, balancing and slides. This is a good place to start. All these pieces are on our 600mm module and will connect to all others so that you can put the pieces together in any order you like… and you can join the different sets together!

T5014 Mountain Tunnel Slide: The slide like the tunnel is 600mm high as well as 600mm wide. The slide gives a good sliding action and splits into two pices for easy storage and transportation. Add the T2018 Safety Sides for extra safe play. All foam filled items will help soften bumps and falls.

T5001 Complete Gym Plaza: Ideal for halls. One of each of our soft play sets, can be used in a large circle or in individual pods. Each piece with sewn in “loop” fastener on the base means you can set the pieces out in any combination using the “hook” strips provided. Add extra Z5034 1200mm square mats if necessary.

Remember if you need a package of soft play and storage sacks we will work with you to find a deal that suits your needs. Just call 01777 869044 or email
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