Customised Soft Play Equipment for Special Needs Free of Charge Adaptations

Customised Soft Play Equipment for Special Needs Free of Charge Adaptations – Parents of disabled children and therapists will be pleased to learn that safe play space and soft play equipment designer and manufacturer Lifetime Education is pleased to make adapatations to its standard product range, (free of charge where possible), so that the chosen items will more precisely fit the requirements of children with particular special needs. Lifetime Education also offer a complete a 6 easy step (self fit) soft play package to customise any room in a school, family centre or family home…

6 easy steps for a customised room:

1. An outline discussion of what you want – this can be done in an email or over the ‘phone

2. The actual dimensions, (accurately measured by you – taking into account, windows, radiators, doors opening etc)

3. We’ll provide a quote

4. Once approved we’ll draw up the design and send it to you for approval

5. Once you’ve approved it, we’ll put it on our website so that you can order it in the normal way.

6. Once you’ve placed your order we’ll make the goods (it takes about 4 weeks) and send them to you… all designed to come straight out of the packaging and into your space with the addition of a quantity of super strong hook and loop fastener.

If you’d like some extra information please call us on 01777 869044. There’s examples of the kind of sets we have made previously…

  • padded storable/portable soft play areas for play-groups.
  • self fit soft play room-conversions in domestic homes.
  • self fit padded areas (in bedrooms and playrooms) for families with children on the autistic spectrum.
  • foam exercise slopes for youngsters (prone to poor muscle tone and heart problems) needing extra motivation to exercise.
  • personalised soft play kits for small scale soft play hire.
  • screens and mats for a health centre.
  • screen sets for a church hall.
  • soft play dens for childminders.
  • mirrors for a hospital.