Communication friendly colours for soft play equipment, classroom matting and sensory equipment

Stimulating, relaxing, communication friendly? Achieving the right ambience for your setting is important which means finding the right mix of colours for soft play equipment, classroom matting, classroom dividers, soft seating and other preschool equipment you have, is one of the many important considerations that childcare professionals have to take on board… all done with a knowledge of what fits with the needs of developing children.

Colour recognition develops over time, 0 – 3 months a new born baby can primarily see shades of black, grey and white, by 3 months babies can see colour with a preference for bright primary colours. At around 6 – 8 months a baby’s colour vision is well developed and equipment and decor in colour palettes that balance stimulation with relaxation are relevant, additional colours, colour recognition games, numbers and letters become interesting for children from 1 – 2 years and 3 – 4 as their ability to distinguish between colours and their language skills mature. Uniquely, spaces4kids enables you to select soft play equipment, soft sided play pens, soft seating, classroom matting, play mats, sensory mirrors and classroom dividers in colours and styles that best suit your setting and goals, use the “options” button on the product page to make your selection. If you are doing a major refit (£1000.00+) and want to discuss your particular colour requirements in detail please contacts us: Tel: 01777 869044 or email
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