Playgroup Soft Play Set

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Playgroup Soft Play Set

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Playgroup Soft Play Set

Quote prepared for playgroup (name withheld by request)

Indicative price guide:

Toddler Explorer Corner
C1002 (woodlands) : £470.00 ex vat

Toddler & Baby Castle den
N1457 (sand&sea): £250.00 ex vat

Caterpillar Mirror Bugs
N1300 (B/W): £90.00 ex vat

Bubble Playring
P1022 (B/W): £100.00 ex vat

Portable Ball Pool (ex. balls)
T1420 (multi/incl logo name): £480.00 ex vat

TB250: £55.00 ex vat per 250: recommended for ballpool above: 4 packs: = £250.00 ex vat

Comfort Rest (folding) Mat
H3000 (pkt6): Multi-colour: £160.00 ex vat

Large Rectangles Screens
Z4025/HDLG (set4/incl leg stands + pegs): 4 designs to select from each £160.00 ex vat

Cushions Large set of 4
F9001 (4 diff selections): £90.00 ex vat

Bean Bag Large Snuggle Bag (X2)
P1052: Primary colours: £70.00 each £140 ex vat for 2

Discovery Wall Pads
H5037 x4 (2 woodlands/2 sand & sea): £50.00 ex vat per pair: £200 ex vat

Multi-Sensory Roleplay Den Set
Z4150/EXT/MAT: The extended set 1.2m wide x 1.8m tall x 2.4m long: is Z4150/H3058 {£300.00 ex vat plus: Z4150/EXT/MAT £150.00 = £450.00 ex vat total. Alternatively in the lower height more popular combination: Z4211/H3058: 1.2m wide x 1.2m tall x 2.4m long £250 plus Z4211/EXT/MAT: £125.00 ex vat)

12 piece Building Block Set
T1213: £175.00 ex vat

Step and Slide set
T5011: £196.00 ex vat

Step with safety slides
T2018: £115.00 ex vat: It is possible to also use the safety sides with the the block in T5011 above. (available in set T5012/SAFE). We’d recommend the use of the steps with safety sides in combination plus another 600 play piece.

Total ex vat: £3296.00

Delivery: £30.00

VAT: £665.20

Grand total: £3991.20

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Castle Den standard extension, Large Square, Large Rectangle


Multi-colour, Brown & Cream, Black & White