Bubble Tube and Sensory Mattress Set with FREE Glow In The Dark Fleece

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F3001 Bubble tube and mattress set with FREE GREY/WHITE Glow in the dark fleece.

Set comprises: 1 x 1.2m Bubble Tube (240v), 1 x 1m x 1.5m Bean filled Mattress/Platform, 1 x Glow in Dark Fleece (1m x 1.5m)

Age: requires adult supervision



F3001 Bubble tube and mattress set. WITH FREE GREY WHITE GLOW IN THE DARK FLEECE

Set comprises: 1 x 1.2m Bubble Tube (240v), 1 x 1m x 1.5m Bean filled Mattress/Platform, 1 x Glow in Dark Fleece (1m x 1.5m)

Age: requires adult supervision. (Risk assessment needed before use due prevention of water/urine ingress onto electric item)

Material Specification: EN71. Sewn. Split resistant design: All fabrics comply with EN71 Toy Safety standards and BS7176 Contract Furniture (Low Hazard) Cigarette and Match. From eco-Play waterproof polyesters. Fleece machine washes. All waterproof fabrics are urine resistant, waterproof, wipe clean, fire retardant and phthalate free. Filling: Fire retardant bean bag beans.

WATER INGRESS ONTO ELECTRICAL ITEMS: Perform a risk assessment in respect of prevention of water/urine seeping onto the bubble tube control box. Sewn seams are not 100% waterproof due to the small holes that the sewing needles make, but they are shower resistant for use temporary use outdoors; carefully positioned with a strong nylon thread seams are not vulnerable to splits (as welded seams are) which means a longer useful life to the product. We do not recommend the use of the bubble tube outdoors.

Use/Safety Notes: Mattress also will accommodate most larger Bubble tubes. Single tube fits into cut out and secures with adjustable hook/loop fastener tab.

“eco-Play” waterproof polyesters: “fabrics made to EN71 Toy Safety standards”: “eco-Play” waterproof polyester coated fabrics don’t look or feel like they are wipe clean & waterproof but they are! The matt finish is comfortable, inviting and warm to the touch. Being fire retardant, latex free, phthalate free, urine and abrasion resistant means that this fabric is practical as well as kind to skin. Colours and print image designs are permanently print dyed into the fabric. The colours will remain bright through the years and the fabric remains friendly to skin. This product may also include ‘eco-Play’ vinyl (gloss PVC) which is also wipe clean, fire retardant, non toxic, waterproof, urine resistant, latex free and phthalate free.

Washing and Disinfection: (all surfaces):
Fleece: machine wash and dry on cooler cycles 30 degrees max.
Cleaning a whole mattress: Clean with water washing up liquid and a dish cloth. Rub vigourously on ground in dirt. Towel Dry
Spot cleaning: Customer comment: “in practice we found that supermarket brand baby wipes work really well on small areas of dirt and grease on our polyester mat”.
Disinfection in situ: may be carried out with hand hot water and a neutral detergent or with a sodium hypochlorite solution (0.1% or 1000 parts per million available chlorine). Proprietary disinfectants may be used provided manufacturer’s instructions are followed. All cleaning agents and disinfectants, must be thoroughly rinsed off and the item dried before use or storage. Failure to do this may result in the accumulation of reagent that could damage the waterproof coating, or negate the biocompatibility results of the “eco-Play” fabric.
Drying: Air or towel dry after all cleaning procedures and before use and storage.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area. Avoid excessive pressure and contact with non-colourfast materials
Inspect equipment before and after play to ensure good condition, hygiene and no excessive wear (expect normal extra wear on the corners).
Bubble Tube: Electrical item: follow manufacturer’s instructions. Keep away from water/liquids.

No. of Packs for Shipping: 2 Large packs

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